The Best Creative Small Business Ideas

I have been teetering with the idea of converting our old stock trailer into a mobile pop up shop. Now I’m trying to do some research on it before we start. 

Stock Trailer Conversion

The 4 main conversions we are looking at (but not limited to)

  • Farm trailers – they have usually been through the ringer and seem like the most work to me. They usually have lots of rust to deal with and need a big cleaning. You will need a welder or some welding experience but they seem to be the easiest to come by. They also need extra protection from the elements because they are not water tight  
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  • Buses – they are harder to find, but usually in better shape. They are usually element proofed already. With buses you have to deal with more mechanical stuff. 
  • Campers – easily found but prices vary a lot. Conditions also very a lot.
camper pop up shop
  • Complete build ups – can usually find trailers pretty easy, but they can be very expensive. This route you can do exactly what you want, but the materials could be more expensive. Also no demo.  
coffee shop

Reasons for a mobile shop

  • You can travel wherever you would like to go. If you have to move you can take your shop with you.
  • No monthly rent or utilities. You can also use solar panels if you need some energy. You still have to pay for some shows or festivals but only the ones you choose to go to.
  • You can set up the store where ever they will let you, like shows, events, weddings, festivals, bars, etc.
  • It will also be less money upfront than a brick-and-mortar shop.
  • You can also use it for different things, like an office, a she shed, storage, or moving and delivering large pieces. 

Business Ideas

  • Bar
  • Boutique 
  • Coffee shop 
  • Farm stand
  • Food
  • Crafts
  • Furniture 
  • Art studio
  • Greenhouse/ nursery
  • Hair salon
  • Any mini version of a brick and mortar store really

So I think for us we’re going to go with our stock trailer because we already have it and it goes with our brand Emory Farm. We want to do different festivals and farmers markets to sell our homemade products, like farmhouse tables, cutting boards, candle sticks, jams and jellies, eggs, and etc.

I can’t wait to get started on this project. My husband and I are going to start a #husbandwifebuildoff challenge to start stocking our inventory faster, and make some extra money for this project. Once we get a few things built and sold, then we will start on the trailer. If any of you have some prior experience or knowledge about conversions I would love to hear from you and maybe pick your brain. Thanks so much for reading about our new adventure! 

Next week I will be hosting a #diyprojectchallenge our theme is Organization. I have chose to organize our corner kitchen cabinet! Check back next week for the build and other organization projects/hacks from other bloggers! If you missed it please check out my posts DIY Floating Shelves and DIY Window Farmhouse Trim!

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