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Interview with a DIY momma

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1851 Farmhouse

Need help with your farmhouse decor!? Looking for the best deals!? I am obsessed with this store! As you know, I love the farmhouse feel and bargains! This store has it all! They have an under $10 section and daily deals at 9:00 am everyday!! For all my viewers and followers Get $1.00 off with […]

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DIY Floating Shelves and Skillet Rack

Need more storage in your kitchen? Especially for pans?   We use our cast iron skillets everyday and they are so heavy to get in and out of the cabinets. So I came up with this idea to hang them where everyone can reach. I also wanted some storage above so we added these inexpensive, […]

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Montessori Inspired Mountain Range Bed from 2x4s

  Mountain Range Bed and Bookshelves   I was looking for some inspiration on the internet one night for my sons new big boy room. I found this picture on Pinterest. I loved it! So I decided to take it a step further and make a bed that looks like mountains with built-in bookshelves. Inspiration […]

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10 Low-Cost Valentine’s Day Gifts

Crafts 1. Beads – bracelets Very easy craft and helps with fine motor skills! I let him string on as many beads as he could. Then I helped string the names on. Tied and finished!! 2. Canvas Very easy and fun! First, I taped off the L and E. Second, I squirted dabs of paint […]

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How To Frame Topographic Maps Quick and Easy

Quick and Easy Frame   I have 5 topography maps my husband picked out for our sons room. They didn’t make it into his nursery. So now that he’s in his big boy room I’ve decided to make some frames and hang them up.    I don’t want glass in them and I want to […]

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