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Starting Over

New House

We moved! Not far from where we were, about an hour. My husband got a new job so we got a new location, a new house, a new farm, a new baby on the way, and a new dream.

Feeding pigs

We have 17 acres. A lot of woods but relatively flat, with some land cleared. We brought our pigs with us but my father in law is “babysitting” our chickens. Our pigs are slowly helping us till/ clear some land and spread mulch, which we desperately need with all the clay soil.

Our old house had pretty decent soil as soon as we moved in. We still worked it for years and when we moved, it was pure black gold. (We also left our new owners a lot of stuff in the gardens. I hope they enjoyed it.) This clay soil is going to be a new challenge for us to deal with, especially with our new plans.

Our plan this year, lord help us, is to have 2 garden plots 25’x50’ with veggies and flowers. LOTS OF FLOWERS! Also to plant as many berries as we can with our time and budget. Did I mention I’m pregnant? So we’ll see, I’m not sure if I’m nesting with unrealistic garden dreams or if we can get it all situated before the baby comes. (Fingers crossed)

Our weekly Tractor Supply run
screened in porch

How to Screen in Your Porch

Have you ever tried to finish a project with a toddler and a baby? It’s hard! We’ve been working on our porch for 2-3 months. It should not take that long, but we have tried to include our 2 year old in the process. He loves to help but he makes more of a mess than actually helps right now. I love that he loves to help. I want to encourage him to stay that way and hopefully set him on the track of loving to learn new things. So with that said, I am trying my best to let him help do whatever we are doing, as much as I can. It has been fun trying to see our projects through his curious eyes and to take our time and not rush, even though it takes us forever. Patients is something I never had until I had kids. Now I’m a work in progress. I’m trying. 

Screened in porch


  1. Pressure wash with soap – this soap is amazing! Leave it on for 10 mins and rinse. It’s like magic!
  2. Remove iron railings- we used a sawzall with metal cutting blades to cut the metal at the concrete. Then unscrewed the mounts from the top. My husband started this part of the project while me and Witten primed the wood before we started building. That was fun. He had paint all over him, the carport, me, the dogs, etc. He would dip the whole brush in the paint and drip it all over the boards then smear it around. So I would have to go back over it and smooth it out the best I could. There were runs everywhere! It took all I had not to sand it down and do it again. He helped and he was proud of it so I left it!  Next I thought the paint sprayer might be better. I was wrong. I’m pretty sure he sprayed my husbands truck at one point. At least it was the farm truck. 
  3. Add support poles – we used the 4x4s for this part. We pulled a chalk line and attached metal beaches to the concrete. my son was eyeing the mallet so we let him help hammer them into place. He got over that very fast. 
  4. Add header and footer boards -we used the 2x4s for this part attaching them with finish nails and concrete screws. we just let him hand the screws to daddy. He’s not quite use to all the loud noises yet. 
  5. Add railing and balusters – we used 2x4s for the railing and 2x2s for the balustrades. We made the hand rail 36” and the balustrades 3” apart (4” is code) a couple pieces of scrap cut to 3” is the easiest way. We used a piece of trim (1/4 x 1 1/2) to nail the balustrades too then attached that to the rail and the footer boards
  6. Frame in door – 2x4s 
  7. Put up the door now to lock the kids in – add door sweep, knob and push pad. I used old squeaky hinges because you have to have a squeaky screen door. 
  8. Caulk -caulk everything! If you can see light through it bugs can definitely get in. Anywhere there was a crack I caulked. I love to caulk so I thought Witten might like it too and boy did he! He was caulking everything, the wood, the dogs, the concrete, daddy’s shoes, even his belly button. 
  9. Paint – we painted before we put the wood up and we painted some extra coats after it went up. Two coats of exterior primer and two coats exterior semi-gloss. Once again, everywhere! We had to sand the concrete to get it all up. Plus he threw his chalk in the paint. Yay!
  10. Staple screen staple like you would stretch a canvas. We did the corners first then the middle of each section then filled in in between each staple. Witten mostly played with his chalk while we did the stapling and Trent napped so this part actually went pretty fast. 
  11. Cut and nail Trim – we ripped down 1x6s to make 1x4s and 1x2s that we tacked up to cover the staples and screen. 
  12. Touch up paint

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I am trying out this new form of writing my posts. Normally it’s just HOW TO but this time it’s a little more personal. There’s a dime a dozen HOW TO posts out there and, even though I love HOW TO posts, they are not my strong suite. I love diy projects and I love to include our boys in all our projects. I’m not the best at explaining every little detail. So I’ve decided to write more about my experience with diy projects having my kids involved. I hope everyone gets a good laugh and some encouragement from this new style of posts. Thanks for following our diy journey as a family. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments please leave below and I will get back to you ASAP. 

How to Make Your Own Wooly Sheep Toy

I made this wooly Sheep toy for my kids. I used the tools that were available to me the best I knew how. If you have a cnc machine or a better way to try please do and send me a picture of your projects. 


Tools and Materials

  • Wood (I used Oak) I wouldn’t use a soft wood incase the kids put the toy in their mouth.
  • Wood dowel (I used 3/8″)

I used a hand me down Dremel scroll saw and i do not recommend it.


  1. I drew out a picture of a sheep onto white copy paper
  2. I used kids glue to glue it onto a piece of oak scrap wood
  3. I used my scroll saw then bandsaw to cut the sheep out
  4. I used a drill press to cut holes in the sheep
  5. I cut a dowl at an angle and then cut a straight line in the end with a bandsaw
  6. Sanded the sheep and dowl all over
  7. I used mineral oil to finish the sheep and dowl pen
  8. I threaded wool yarn through the dowl and let my son string it through the holes

check out some of my other videos – Kitchen Organization or Montessori Bed


Bolt your machine down

Wax the work surface

Use contact paper

Bigger legs or no legs on the sheep (my son broke one instantly)

Use very sharp quality blades

Make sure to oil the holes very liberally

This week was so fun for me! I teamed up with 6 other amazing bloggers to do a Multi-Media DIY Challenge! I used wood and yarn for my 2 mediums. Please check out their amazing projects and post your own on Instagram using #diyprojectchallenge

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Donny Carter — Discover the DIYer

Donny Carter is a YouTuber and a podcaster at

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

Donny lives in the Mississippi Gulf and is a CNC user by day and a passionate wood turner by night. He wears many hats (builder, maker, artist, DIYer, podcaster, Etsy store owner, website designer, and content creator) and juggles everything with a great attitude. In this interview he touches on how he does it all. You can tell he is a genuine, honest, hustler and a very enthusiastic teacher.

Here is a list of some of the questions I sent Donny and after I had it all transcribed I decided reading it doesn’t do Donny any justice. His gift is conversation. So please listen to our unedited audio conversation to see how wonderful this feller is!

  • How did you get into podcasting? 
    • It was kind of selfish honestly. I wanted to chat with more well know woodworkers and makers.
  • What’s the basic equipment you need for podcasting? 
    • All you really need these days is Skype. It has a built in recorder. A pair of earbuds or headphones is also a must.
  • How did you get into Woodworking?
    • I’ve always been into making and building things since I was a kid. As I got older I started fixing up my home and building things I needed.

  • Where do you get inspiration? 
    • I get inspired from all those around me. Those on social media and in my daily life. I try to find something cool about everything I see.
  • What tools do you recommend buying first when your just starting out? 
    • It really depends on what you want to make or do.

Where to find Mr. Donny Carter – Instagram, Facebook, YouTube,,, maker minded instagram

Mentioned in our conversation –

Matt Cremona

Jimmy Diresta

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Tools mentioned –

Festool domino

Dowel Master

Shapeoko CNC


outboard stand

outboard tool

v carve – metrics

carve pro

Thanks for following my journey into DIY and woodworking! Having a newborn and a two year old has been harder than I thought, so my posts are going to be more sporadic for awhile. Thanks for your support and patience!

Easy DIY Corner Cabinet Organizer

Does you kitchen cabinets get out of hand really fast? Same here! Especially my corner cabinet! All the organizers I have looked into either don’t fit my cabinet or cost an arm and a leg! So I decided to tackle this messy corner this month with a few other blogging friends for Our #diyprojectchallenge. This months theme was organizing under $50. Which was timed perfectly with my nesting phase at the end of this pregnancy. 


Does your cabinet ever look like this? Then you should check out this easy tutorial below!

Materials – Under $50

This blog participates in affiliate sales, which means that when you click on links and then purchase items I will in most cases receive a referral commission. I will always let you know when that is the case, and I only include links to products that I have actually used and love. If you don’t want to purchase through one of my links just google the product and purchase that way.

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Tools I Used

Cut List

  • 15 – 14” dowels
  • 25” circle from plywood 
  • 5 – 15” 1X2


My top shelf is 14″ from shelf to top

My bottom shelf is 12″ from bottom to top

The door opening is 14.5″ x 26.5″

The inside has a panel in the back to make it more square to the front (messed me up some) so its only 21″ deep from the point of the opening to the back

Success! You're on the list.


Move the shelf to the very top of cabinet. Put it on pins to have plenty of room to work on the bottom. Unless you can get yours out. Then just remove it completely.

We had just enough room for a 25” circle. Cut out circle with a jig saw.

Cut out pie piece where the door is. Should look like pacman. 

I talked my husband into routing the edges for me because this baby did not like all the noise. 

Sand with orbital sander. ( baby really didn’t like that) 

Fit turntable to the pac man with self tapping sheet metal screws No 8 (use 3/16″ drill bit for holes) I also had to clip the end of the screws so they wouldn’t rub on the turntable

Remove turntable from pacman circle

Connect turntable to cabinet

Oil ball bearings

Reattach pacman to the top of turntable. I used wooden skewers to find the holes in the turntable through the predrilled holes in pacman 

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Corner Cabinet Organizer

Move shelf to the very bottom of cabinet (because ours would not come out of cabinet to work on)

Cut dowels

Cut 1 x 2s

Drill holes in 1 x 2s 5″ apart

I placed the 1 x 2s on the shelf where I wanted them with tape then drilled the inset holes in the shelf.

I connected the 1 x 2s to top of the cabinet with the dowels in place so I could level them out.

Silicone ends of the dowels into the holes

Let dry

Add pots and pans

Discover the DIYer –

Angela Rose

Sarah Milne

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The Best Creative Small Business Ideas

I have been teetering with the idea of converting our old stock trailer into a mobile pop up shop. Now I’m trying to do some research on it before we start. 

Stock Trailer Conversion

The 4 main conversions we are looking at (but not limited to)

  • Farm trailers – they have usually been through the ringer and seem like the most work to me. They usually have lots of rust to deal with and need a big cleaning. You will need a welder or some welding experience but they seem to be the easiest to come by. They also need extra protection from the elements because they are not water tight  
Mobile Bar for Hire San Antonio, mobile brtending, corporate bartenders, wedding bartenders, wedding bar, Tap truckster, Tap Truck, Margaria machine, rent a margarita machine, mobie bar rental, horse trailer bar
  • Buses – they are harder to find, but usually in better shape. They are usually element proofed already. With buses you have to deal with more mechanical stuff. 
  • Campers – easily found but prices vary a lot. Conditions also very a lot.
camper pop up shop
  • Complete build ups – can usually find trailers pretty easy, but they can be very expensive. This route you can do exactly what you want, but the materials could be more expensive. Also no demo.  
coffee shop

Reasons for a mobile shop

  • You can travel wherever you would like to go. If you have to move you can take your shop with you.
  • No monthly rent or utilities. You can also use solar panels if you need some energy. You still have to pay for some shows or festivals but only the ones you choose to go to.
  • You can set up the store where ever they will let you, like shows, events, weddings, festivals, bars, etc.
  • It will also be less money upfront than a brick-and-mortar shop.
  • You can also use it for different things, like an office, a she shed, storage, or moving and delivering large pieces. 

Business Ideas

  • Bar
  • Boutique 
  • Coffee shop 
  • Farm stand
  • Food
  • Crafts
  • Furniture 
  • Art studio
  • Greenhouse/ nursery
  • Hair salon
  • Any mini version of a brick and mortar store really

So I think for us we’re going to go with our stock trailer because we already have it and it goes with our brand Emory Farm. We want to do different festivals and farmers markets to sell our homemade products, like farmhouse tables, cutting boards, candle sticks, jams and jellies, eggs, and etc.

I can’t wait to get started on this project. My husband and I are going to start a #husbandwifebuildoff challenge to start stocking our inventory faster, and make some extra money for this project. Once we get a few things built and sold, then we will start on the trailer. If any of you have some prior experience or knowledge about conversions I would love to hear from you and maybe pick your brain. Thanks so much for reading about our new adventure! 

Next week I will be hosting a #diyprojectchallenge our theme is Organization. I have chose to organize our corner kitchen cabinet! Check back next week for the build and other organization projects/hacks from other bloggers! If you missed it please check out my posts DIY Floating Shelves and DIY Window Farmhouse Trim!