Montessori Inspired Mountain Range Bed from 2x4s


Mountain Range Bed and Bookshelves


I was looking for some inspiration on the internet one night for my sons new big boy room. I found this picture on Pinterest. I loved it! So I decided to take it a step further and make a bed that looks like mountains with built-in bookshelves.

Inspiration Inspiration

Material list



Painters Tape

3.5 inch screws

3 inch screws



Filler or caulk




Table saw

Miter saw

Band saw

Nail gun

Angle finder

Drill, Flat edge/square, level, measuring tape, Sander, pencil, painters tape


Cut List



**Recommend watching this video before cutting half laps.

Half lap video

Step 1

Assemble the frame where the half flaps are with (4) 3 inch wood screws (counter sunk)

bed frame view 1

Step 2

(Make a 2 inch spacer out of scrap wood for in between the slats) Screw the slats into the frame every 2 inches with 3 inch wood screws. Two screws per side. (Countersunk)

Download PDF Now 

Step 3

Fill the holes with wood filler or caulk. Let it dry. Then sand, prime, and paint.


**Highly recommend watching these videos before moving on.


Watch next video on using the angle finder and how to cut acute angles!


Video of cutting angles

Step 4

Set the cut 2 x 4s (for the mountains) on the wall with one screw to make sure they all fit together good. After your test fitting take them all down and sand. Stain and poly. Dry. Replace on the wall. Attach all the 2 x 4’s to studs in the wall with 3 1/2 inch wood screws.mountains 4

Step 5

Sand, stain, and polyurethane the cut 2 x 2s and the 1 x 4s. Attach the 2 x 2s to the wall in the studs with 3 1/2 inch wood screws. Then attach the 1 x 4s to the 2 x 2s and the 2 x 4s with 3 1/2 inch wood screws

frame, mtns, shelves.jpg




We love our new bed! He loves being able to get the books off the shelf and read. He has slept like a baby in this new floor bed from the first day. I also love how it’s Montessori inspired! For the downloadable PDF click here!


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  1. thislovefilledlife

    I LOVE this. I wish my husband would learn how to do this stuff so he could do it for us! Thanks for sharing!

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