How To Frame Topographic Maps Quick and Easy

Quick and Easy Frame


I have 5 topography maps my husband picked out for our sons room. They didn’t make it into his nursery. So now that he’s in his big boy room I’ve decided to make some frames and hang them up. 



I don’t want glass in them and I want to make sure they are secured to the wall very well because my son really likes to wake up in the mornings and kick the wall until I come and get him. 




I used scrap pieces of wood as my trim. I had cut the rounded edges off of some 1x4s for another project. So they were about 1/4 inch thick and 3/4 of an inch wide with rounded edges. You can also just buy some trim pieces from Lowe’s and use those. 

My maps were 32 1/2 inches x 21 inches. I decided to cut my long pieces 32 inches from inside corner to inside corner at a 45 degree angle so it would over lap the map by 1/4 inch on each side. Then I cut my smaller side pieces to 20 1/2 inches inside corner to inside corner so it would be the same.  

*Tip- make sure to measure on the outside of your marked line before you cut! You can even make an x on the side your not using to make sure you cut on that side of the line!

frame diagram 1

Now is a good time to paint/stain your trim pieces if your going to. I used mounting tape and a level to tape my maps to the wall. Then I started on the bottom left map, on the top trim piece. I laid the trim 1/4 inch overlapping the maps (on the top and side) and used my nail gun to put 1 nail in the middle.

Tip– you can hold the side pieces up to make sure they are 1/4 inch overlapping the map as well.

Then I went to the right side and lined up my corners and used the level to make sure it was going straight down. I nailed 1 nail in the middle. Then i shot a nail at the top and a nail on the right side of the top piece close to the corners. I then did the same thing to the other side. I fit the bottom piece in and leveled it with the level. I nailed the middle first then the sides. 

frame diagram 2Next I did the bottom right map. I lined up the top trim piece so that a 1/4 of the map was covered on top and sides. Then laid my level from the top of the left side map trim to the top of the right side trim piece. I shot a nail close to the corner and the middle. Then I framed the rest in the same manner as the first frame. Checking with my level periodically to make sure both sides line up perfectly.

Next I move to the top left map. I start on the bottom piece. Make sure it’s over lapping the map by 1/4 inch on bottom and sides. Then check to make sure it also lines up with the bottom maps trim. Use level to make sure its level then shoot a nail in the middle. Repeat the framing process on the other sides. 

Move to last piece start with bottom trim piece again. Make sure it’s overlapping by 1/4 inch. Check to make sure it lines up with the left side map and the bottom map. Then check with level and nail. Repeat framing on the rest of the pieces. Checking for level and matching the other maps! 

Take your time only nail 1 or 2 nails at a time so you can manipulate the trim pieces. Because they are so small, they warp really easy. I also checked for level in the middle and each side of each piece because my trim pieces were not perfectly straight. 


Frames After


You can do it too! Make something quick and easy and don’t forget to enjoy the process! Soak in all the memories and embrace the imperfect! Thanks for checking out my new projects! Did you catch this one? PVC Pipe Playpen

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If you have any questions or ideas send me a message on instagram or leave a comment below! I hope we’ve inspired you! Please post or send pics of your finished projects! And don’t forget to pin to your Pinterest boards for later!!




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