Easy DIY Corner Cabinet Organizer

Does you kitchen cabinets get out of hand really fast? Same here! Especially my corner cabinet! All the organizers I have looked into either don’t fit my cabinet or cost an arm and a leg! So I decided to tackle this messy corner this month with a few other blogging friends for Our #diyprojectchallenge. This months theme was organizing under $50. Which was timed perfectly with my nesting phase at the end of this pregnancy. 


Does your cabinet ever look like this? Then you should check out this easy tutorial below!

Materials – Under $50

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Tools I Used

Cut List

  • 15 – 14” dowels
  • 25” circle from plywood 
  • 5 – 15” 1X2


My top shelf is 14″ from shelf to top

My bottom shelf is 12″ from bottom to top

The door opening is 14.5″ x 26.5″

The inside has a panel in the back to make it more square to the front (messed me up some) so its only 21″ deep from the point of the opening to the back

Success! You're on the list.


Move the shelf to the very top of cabinet. Put it on pins to have plenty of room to work on the bottom. Unless you can get yours out. Then just remove it completely.

We had just enough room for a 25” circle. Cut out circle with a jig saw.

Cut out pie piece where the door is. Should look like pacman. 

I talked my husband into routing the edges for me because this baby did not like all the noise. 

Sand with orbital sander. ( baby really didn’t like that) 

Fit turntable to the pac man with self tapping sheet metal screws No 8 (use 3/16″ drill bit for holes) I also had to clip the end of the screws so they wouldn’t rub on the turntable

Remove turntable from pacman circle

Connect turntable to cabinet

Oil ball bearings

Reattach pacman to the top of turntable. I used wooden skewers to find the holes in the turntable through the predrilled holes in pacman 

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Corner Cabinet Organizer

Move shelf to the very bottom of cabinet (because ours would not come out of cabinet to work on)

Cut dowels

Cut 1 x 2s

Drill holes in 1 x 2s 5″ apart

I placed the 1 x 2s on the shelf where I wanted them with tape then drilled the inset holes in the shelf.

I connected the 1 x 2s to top of the cabinet with the dowels in place so I could level them out.

Silicone ends of the dowels into the holes

Let dry

Add pots and pans

Discover the DIYer –

Angela Rose

Sarah Milne

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23 thoughts on “Easy DIY Corner Cabinet Organizer

  1. Tracey

    I really like this idea for a bottom corner. Those items take up so much room and in my kitchen that corner would be neglected. My only question, however, what type of light did you put in there? I’d like to light it up as well but I’m not sure of one that would light automatically when I open the door.

    • Emory Farm

      Thank you.
      I just used a touch light. I liked it because it didn’t turn on all the time but you have to put it in an easy spot to get to or you’ll never use it.

  2. Kippi

    You are so cleaver to have figured out how to make this space organized! Very impressed how it turned out. I pinned it!
    Happy Spring,
    Kippi #kippiathome

  3. Lia

    This is perfect for all the pots, pans & lids that have taken over my kitchen! I will be adding this to our To Do list! I loved doing this months challenge with you talented ladies!

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