Drawer Dividers

Anyone else in the mood for spring cleaning?

I have been reading all these blogs on organizing and decluttering. I also love Gretchen Rubin and listen to her podcast nightly!

It’s so hard with a baby to keep things clean and organized. I see all these pictures of spotless homes. How do they do that? Specially with kids.

So I decided I would tackle small projects at a time. Things I can work on during nap time.

There are two drawers in my kitchen that drive me crazy. Junk drawers and I have two of them!
So I emptied them out. I threw Away a bunch of junk. Then I grouped like things together and decided where I wanted them to go. That’s how this project got started.

I ended up organizing my knife drawer, my silverware drawer and one junk drawer but my husband talked me into leaving one junk drawer for him. I hate it but you have to pick your battles right?

Other great resources for drawer dividers…

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