DIY Window Upgrade on a Budget

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You ever have a project you just can’t seem to finish?

That was these windows for me! It was suppose to be a one day project during my sons usual 2 hour nap. 1st day he only slept 30mins so I didn’t get much done. 2nd day he would not sleep at all! 3rd day he fell right asleep but woke up in 15 minutes to poop! So after changing his poopy diaper he would not go back to sleep. Needless to say I didn’t get anything done. Finally the forth day I got it finished!



Finish nailer (you could probably screw them in but you would have to do a lot of filling)

Finish Nails

Miter saw



Tape measurer


Square (for marking a straight line)



Paint brush/roller

Cut list for window  

(this is for my window measurements = Bottom 35.5”-Right 37.625”-Left 37.5”-Top 35.875,” Adjust accordingly)

1 – 1x6x8

42 1/2″

42 7/8″

2 – 1x4x8

36 7/8″

36 3/4″

42 1/2″

44 7/8″

1 – 1x2x8

43 7/8″

42 7/8″



  1. Remove existing ledge. I used a pry bar, box knife (to cut existing caulk) and a hammer. Loosened it up and wiggled it out!
  2. Pull up caulk or other things that make the new piece not fit good. 
  3. Measure out your window on all 4 sides (especially old houses). Bottom 35.5”-Right 37.625”-Left 37.5”-Top 35.875”
  4. Start with the window seal piece. Measure bottom of window then add 7” to account for the two 1x4s on the sides. 42.5”
  5. Measure how far in the 1×6 will go. 4.5”
  6. Cut you 1×6 to length. 42.5”
  7. Next mark on each side how far in the 1×6 will go and then mark a 3.5” line from the side to make the square your going to cut out.  (Picture)bottom of window
  8. Cut out you squares on the 1×6
  9. Cut your 1×4 to the same length 42.5”
  10. Fit your 1×6 onto the ledge and secure with the finish nailer
  11. I used a clamp to hold the 1×4 under the 1×6 then nailed it
  12. Next measure the two sides from the top of the 1×6 to the top of the window opening. L. 36.875” R. 36.75”
  13. Cut your two pieces of 1×4
  14. Line up to the sides of the window and on top of the 1×6
  15. Nail in place
  16. Measure from the top of the outside corners of the 1x4s 42.875”top of window
  17. Cut your 1×2 and 1×6 to length
  18. Add 1 inch then cut another 1×2 piece 43.875”
  19. Add another inch and cut a 1×4 piece 44.875”
  20. Space the 1×2 where there is a half inch overhang on both sides
  21. Then do the same with the 1×4
  22. Drill holes along the top bottom edge and screw the 1×6, the 1×2, and the 1×4 together ( TIP – clamps are your friend, just make sure they are all lined up before you screw together, and try not to let the screws go through the faces, drill a longer hole if you need to) img_1074
  23. Place the 1×2 on top of the 1x4s and nails into wall and into the 1x4s 
  24. Next put your 1×6,1×2, and 1×4 on the 1×2 and nail into wall
  25. Optional I had a big gap between the window and the 1×6 so instead of caulking the crap out of it I put a piece of quarter round and nailed it to the 1×6   35.5”
  26. Caulk all seems and nail holes. Wipe smooth with a wet towel
  27. Paint ( I used a white semi-gloss)



You can do it too! Upgrade something thats been bugging you and don’t forget to enjoy the process! Like my friend Erin at She made an awesome ombré hexagon wall! Check it out here!

Soak in all the memories and embrace the imperfect! Thanks for checking out my new projects! If you have any questions or ideas send me a message on instagram or leave a comment below! I hope we’ve inspired you! Please post or send pics of your finished projects! And don’t forget to pin to your Pinterest boards for later!!


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