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Plan on making a dining table similar.

The 2018 Early American Industries Association Annual Meeting is in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, this year, and after a blue-sky day of visiting the Moravian Museum and sites, the Kemerer Museum and Bethlehem Steel, this evening we met up at the National Museum of Industrial History for ice cream and a private tour. (The museum is in […]

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Woodworking Wednesday — Farm Stand — Part 1

IMG_8659 2.JPG

I am about to build a farm stand for all our excess eggs and produce. I have been searching the internet and Pinterest to find some plans that we like.

These are my favorites…

Farm Stand Board on Pinterest

We really need a cooler or a specific spot for eggs. We have duck and chicken eggs. It would be nice to have a spot for both. We tried delivering them once a week but that got away from us.

We need a top and some shelves underneath. I would really like the shelves to be slanted so you can see what’s in the baskets. We have a ton of baskets already.

I would also like it to be covered and portable. I want a big sign that says WEEKEND FARM STAND and/or EMORY FARM.

Here are some actual plans we have found so far…

 Roadside Stand Plans

Roadside Produce Stand

We are debating on buying something like this to get us by.

If y’all have any ideas or have any experience in this area please leave a comment!  How did your produce stand go?  Do you have plans for one?

Woodworking Wednesday — DIY Benchwright coffee table with double-sided drawers — Home on 129 acres

The Benchwright coffee table from Ana White (originally by Pottery Barn) has been on my wishlist ever since we moved to the farm. I loved the look of it, the storage potential that came with the drawers and lower shelf, and the DIY factor–building myself versus buying is pretty much always a win. Well, I’m excited […]

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Woodworking Wednesday — Old World Table Woodworking Plan in the Works — Jeff Branch Woodworking

I have begun work on my 15th free woodworking plan; a plan which may very well be my last free one (see all my woodworking plans here). A 2018 goal of mine is to return to trying to make money from the plans I create and to that end, I hope to make a series […]

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