MAKER MONDAY— Creating an Easy Summer Color Palette! — Cotton Stem

Hey pals! Thought it would be fun to show y’all the super duper simple way I formulate a color palette for a room I’m designing or redoing, and maybe this simple trick can assist ya as you create beautiful spaces in your own home! All you need is to identify your base/existing colors, add pop…

via Creating an Easy Summer Color Palette! — Cotton Stem

Maker Monday

DIY Bathtub Paint

We usually use pudding and food coloring but I had all this leftover baby rice cereal so I mixed it with water to the consistency that I liked and added the food coloring.

A little bit goes a long way you don’t want this stuff to dye your bathtub!

He doesn’t quite get the act of drawing or coloring yet so the rice cereal was perfect! He could just make a big mess. Then we sprayed him and the tub down.

Maker Monday— Chicken/Duck Coop

This chicken/duck coop will house our new workers in the garden this year!

I use a plethora of methods in my garden. We took a permaculture class last year in Asheville so I try to center it around that. Some things that hinder the garden:

1. Critters including our dogs who like to Pee on everything
2. Sun (lack of)
3. Weeds
4. Water
5. Bugs/slugs/snails

So We built a fence around our kitchen garden this winter from 2x4s and goat fencing. Mostly to keep our dogs out and now to keep our fowl in. We are also going to put a hot wire around our raised beds, which are not as close to the house or build a similar fence for them.

Our house is on a north facing slope which makes sunlight difficult. So we just have to pick the best spots for what we want to grow. The hard part is keeping them as close to the house as I would like. Our yard is so shady.

We laid clear plastic over the entire garden until the heat burnt all the grass and weeds. Then we laid cardboard over that. Then we put a layer of manure. Then a layer of mulch on the very top.

We also have a rain barrel in the garden that catches water from our roof. There’s also a spigot close by if we need it. We also put in a water line and a spigot next to our raised beds for easy watering.

Ok bugs! I have read a lot about fowl in the garden and we have all kinds of birds. So this year I’m going to put them to work. After we put the manure down we are going to dump a pile of mulch and let the chickens spread it while eating the bug larvae and some weeds. Then we will remove them and start planting. Once the plants are mature enough we will put the ducks in to help cut back on the snail/slug population and eat some weeds as well. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Drawer Dividers

Anyone else in the mood for spring cleaning?

I have been reading all these blogs on organizing and decluttering. I also love Gretchen Rubin and listen to her podcast nightly!

It’s so hard with a baby to keep things clean and organized. I see all these pictures of spotless homes. How do they do that? Specially with kids.

So I decided I would tackle small projects at a time. Things I can work on during nap time.

There are two drawers in my kitchen that drive me crazy. Junk drawers and I have two of them!
So I emptied them out. I threw Away a bunch of junk. Then I grouped like things together and decided where I wanted them to go. That’s how this project got started.

I ended up organizing my knife drawer, my silverware drawer and one junk drawer but my husband talked me into leaving one junk drawer for him. I hate it but you have to pick your battles right?

Other great resources for drawer dividers…

PVC Pipe Playpen

This has been a life saver! A back saver for sure!! 

Things I would change or do different.

  • I ended up putting all the side small pieces back on after I looped the net around the teeth. 
  • My husband put a small screw on the back side where the fittings are. Nice and flush so he can’t grasp it. You could also glue them, but I wanted to be able to take them apart. 

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Pvc pipe

Corner Fitting

Middle Fitting



 Pipe Cutter

These are newer than mine (mine sucked)