Montessori Inspired Mountain Range Bed from 2x4s


Mountain Range Bed and Bookshelves


I was looking for some inspiration on the internet one night for my sons new big boy room. I found this picture on Pinterest. I loved it! So I decided to take it a step further and make a bed that looks like mountains with built-in bookshelves.

Inspiration Inspiration

Material list



Painters Tape

3.5 inch screws

3 inch screws



Filler or caulk




Table saw

Miter saw

Band saw

Nail gun

Angle finder

Drill, Flat edge/square, level, measuring tape, Sander, pencil, painters tape


Cut List



**Recommend watching this video before cutting half laps.

Half lap video

Step 1

Assemble the frame where the half flaps are with (4) 3 inch wood screws (counter sunk)

bed frame view 1

Step 2

(Make a 2 inch spacer out of scrap wood for in between the slats) Screw the slats into the frame every 2 inches with 3 inch wood screws. Two screws per side. (Countersunk)

Download PDF Now 

Step 3

Fill the holes with wood filler or caulk. Let it dry. Then sand, prime, and paint.


**Highly recommend watching these videos before moving on.


Watch next video on using the angle finder and how to cut acute angles!


Video of cutting angles

Step 4

Set the cut 2 x 4s (for the mountains) on the wall with one screw to make sure they all fit together good. After your test fitting take them all down and sand. Stain and poly. Dry. Replace on the wall. Attach all the 2 x 4’s to studs in the wall with 3 1/2 inch wood screws.mountains 4

Step 5

Sand, stain, and polyurethane the cut 2 x 2s and the 1 x 4s. Attach the 2 x 2s to the wall in the studs with 3 1/2 inch wood screws. Then attach the 1 x 4s to the 2 x 2s and the 2 x 4s with 3 1/2 inch wood screws

frame, mtns, shelves.jpg




We love our new bed! He loves being able to get the books off the shelf and read. He has slept like a baby in this new floor bed from the first day. I also love how it’s Montessori inspired! For the downloadable PDF click here!


Check out some of my older posts on his new room! Or his old playpen.

11 DIY Wood Projects for 2019

My Top 11 DIY Project Goals 


1. Barn doors for the hall closet and the laundry room.


2. Table for our coffee station and all my collectibles in the kitchen (cutting boards and rolling pins)

I want it to be a mixture of these two. I want shelves for my metal baskets but a big drawer to hide the coffee overload.

3. Kids coat hanger

My kid has more coats than my husband and me combined!

4. Kitchen storage that rolls out

5.Built-ins for playroom

I need something for the tv, crafts, toys, shoes, and more coat storage!

6. Air return cover

We are currently putting an old mantle around it and I can’t stand how hideous the grate is! It takes away the beauty of the mantle. I think I’m dreading this project the most. It seems very tedious.

7. Laundry sorter

8. Kids farmhouse table and bench

9. Porch swing

10. A kid’s tower for two littles

My son uses the one I made last year every day but he’s getting tall. I want to make one that adjusts for two kids heights.

11. I have my Mamaw’s old tator bin like this one. I want to revamp it a little to match our kitchen. Then my son can use it as his play kitchen.

I didn’t make a project for each month because I figured I would take a month off when I had this sweet baby.

You can do it too! Start making things for yourself and don’t forget to enjoy the process! Soak in all the memories and embrace the imperfect! Thanks for checking out my new projects for this year! I am currently learning a new program to start drawing up my own plans! If you have any questions or ideas send me a message or comment below! I hope we’ve inspired you! Please post or send pics of your finished projects! And don’t forget to pin to your Pinterest boards for later!!

Make Something Special

These are some DIY projects we completed over the holidays.



Refinishing a Rocking Horse and a Dresser



This dresser is special to me because my mom and I picked it out at a flea market years ago in hopes of redoing it to sell. Then I fell in love with it but didn’t know exactly what to do with it. Then life got busy. So this Christmas I decided we need more toy storage especially with another baby coming. So I found a new home for this jewel and decided to finish it.

The dresser had a door over the shelves. So I took it off and put pallet wood where the old shelves were. 




We bought this rocking horse for my son last Christmas at the 127 yard sale in Crossville. I didn’t get around to redoing it before Christmas last year so I finished it this year! It was a hit! It’s the first thing my son goes to every morning screaming, “Neigh, Neigh!”

The rocking horse had googly eyes that I pried off but I didn’t change much about it. 

 I forgot to take a before picture because I’ve had these 2 pieces for years. I thought I had some hidden away somewhere but I can’t find them. Sorry.


Refinishing process on both:

  1. Sand

  2. Crackle paint

  3. Paint white (repeat 1st 3 steps until you like the results)

  4. Final Sand 

  5. Wax



These were very dear, close to my heart Christmas presents we worked on for the grandparents. My mom and mother in law both say every time they see a cardinal “there’s Mamaw”. Plus it was so much fun watching Witt get into painting this year. I was so proud!




  1. I put dots of grays whites and blues and let Witt smear them around

  2. Then I went back and just smoothed them out before it started drying

  3. Dry

  4. Painted his hand with red and stamped it on the canvas

  5. Dry

  6. Then I painted the branch on and the face details

  7. Dry

  8. Then use a fanned out brush dipped in white, cream, and very light gray to dab the snow on the branches

  9. Dry

  10. I cut out the saying “cardinals appear when angels are near” in vinyl on my silhouette then stuck it on but you could paint or write it on with a sharpie. 




  1. I used plywood that I cut to size with a table saw

  2. Then I found a sheet of “paneling” at Lowe’s I liked even better. So I also cut it to the same size as the plywood and glued them together

  3. Next I cut 2x4s in half and cut the rounded edges off with the table saw

  4. Stained

  5. Then nailed to the plywood and each other with a pin nailer

  6. Next I used my silhouette to cut out sayings or dates in vinyl

  7. Stuck them to the paneling

  8. Then I put a coat of modge podge over the top




I just painted the plywood white on a few instead of using the paneling and I painted the red baseball laces on there too. 

You can do it too! Make something special and don’t forget to enjoy the process! Soak in all the memories and embrace the imperfect! Thanks for checking out my new projects! If you have any questions or ideas send me a message! I hope we’ve inspired you! Please post or send pics of your finished projects! And don’t forget to pin to your Pinterest boards for later!! 

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Farm Friday — What It’s Really Like

What it’s really like on the farm…

We haven’t made a ton of lambing pens yet. We have 2 places that we put them last year. This year we’ve already had two babies so they were full. We decided to put the rest of the mamas in the big field with a tarp hut. So they could have lots of fresh grass. Our seeding on the main field did not take good so it’s kinda sparse.

Tarped Hut

  We knew they were close but on Tuesday Dolly, who is a first time mom, decided to have twins in the middle of the field on the rainiest day of the year. We went out there as soon as we saw her finish.

   They were soaking wet but they felt warm. She was nursing the little girl really well but she kept bucking the little boy away. Then the little girl started shivering. They wouldn’t go into the hut so I started to worry.

To get them to the lambing pen you have to go out the mesh electric fence, while not letting the others out. Then cross the road, which is semi busy to be in the middle of nowhere. Then go into the other fence and not let the others out. Finally go across the main field to the barn.

  So that’s what we did. I had a baby on my back in a carrier. The two lambs under each arm with the afterbirth wrapped around the boy to get the Mom to take him. My husband had the mom in a collar/muzzle thing dragging her the whole way. Finally made it and the (LGD) puppies were in the pen, which scared the mom. So I grabbed the puppies up too! I had 2 baby lambs under my arms 2 puppies in my hands and a 1 year old baby on my back.

   Finally got the lambs in. Then my husband got the mom in. She started nursing the boy better after they were in the lambing pen, but then later on she stopped again. So I bottle fed him once. After that he started nursing again and he nursed forever! I felt sorry for the little guy. I think she’s finally starting to take him.

Here are some things we had on hand that made this mess a little easier

  1. Halter —  Weaver Leather Livestock Nylon Adjustable Sheep Halter with Chain Lead
  2. Bottle/Nipples — Lixit Animal Care Lixit Farm Baby Bottle, 1 quart
  3. Milk replacer —Manna Pro Lamb Milk Replacer, 3.5 lb


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