10 Low-Cost Valentine’s Day Gifts


1. Beads – bracelets

Very easy craft and helps with fine motor skills! I let him string on as many beads as he could. Then I helped string the names on. Tied and finished!!

2. Canvas

Very easy and fun! First, I taped off the L and E. Second, I squirted dabs of paint all over the canvas and let him use his hands and paint brushes to move it around. After he was done playing, I let it dry. When it was dry, I painted his feet red (while in his high chair, highly recommended) and pushed them onto the canvas like a V. Then we painted his hand white and pressed it onto the canvas like an O. We let everything dry and removed the tape! Ta-Da!

3. Footprint Heart Frames

Also very easy. Probably my favorite! I love the vintage look!

I painted his feet red (while in high chair, highly recommended). Then pressed them onto scrapbooking paper in the shape of a heart. I bought some cheap frames from Goodwill. Cut the paper to size and put them in the frame. So easy!

Check out this post for some extra ideas for the crafty person in your life! 

Low-Cost Shopping

4. Farmhouse Pillows

I love getting pillows as gifts. It’s something I wouldn’t buy myself but I love changing them out with the holidays.

5. Garland

Another thing I probably wouldn’t buy myself but I love! You could add little paper hearts for extra festivities. Also might find some great deals this time of year.

6. Little Cake Pans

Great for wives and kids. You might even get a treat in return! Especially if you buy ingredients to go with it.

7. Mini Scarves

These are the most handy things to have! I tie them on my purse/diaper bag and pull them off whenever I need to get my hair off my face. I use them as headbands or cute little accessories. Click here for hair inspiration!

8. Kids Shirts

Kids get clothes for every occasion. Duh!

9. Clothes

All women need more clothes!

10. Jewelry

These are my personal favorites. I love pearl everything. My engagement ring was a pearl. I’m obsessed.

This necklace is also an essential oil diffuser. Another thing I’m obsessed with.

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How To Frame Topographic Maps Quick and Easy

Quick and Easy Frame


I have 5 topography maps my husband picked out for our sons room. They didn’t make it into his nursery. So now that he’s in his big boy room I’ve decided to make some frames and hang them up. 



I don’t want glass in them and I want to make sure they are secured to the wall very well because my son really likes to wake up in the mornings and kick the wall until I come and get him. 




I used scrap pieces of wood as my trim. I had cut the rounded edges off of some 1x4s for another project. So they were about 1/4 inch thick and 3/4 of an inch wide with rounded edges. You can also just buy some trim pieces from Lowe’s and use those. 

My maps were 32 1/2 inches x 21 inches. I decided to cut my long pieces 32 inches from inside corner to inside corner at a 45 degree angle so it would over lap the map by 1/4 inch on each side. Then I cut my smaller side pieces to 20 1/2 inches inside corner to inside corner so it would be the same.  

*Tip- make sure to measure on the outside of your marked line before you cut! You can even make an x on the side your not using to make sure you cut on that side of the line!

frame diagram 1

Now is a good time to paint/stain your trim pieces if your going to. I used mounting tape and a level to tape my maps to the wall. Then I started on the bottom left map, on the top trim piece. I laid the trim 1/4 inch overlapping the maps (on the top and side) and used my nail gun to put 1 nail in the middle.

Tip– you can hold the side pieces up to make sure they are 1/4 inch overlapping the map as well.

Then I went to the right side and lined up my corners and used the level to make sure it was going straight down. I nailed 1 nail in the middle. Then i shot a nail at the top and a nail on the right side of the top piece close to the corners. I then did the same thing to the other side. I fit the bottom piece in and leveled it with the level. I nailed the middle first then the sides. 

frame diagram 2Next I did the bottom right map. I lined up the top trim piece so that a 1/4 of the map was covered on top and sides. Then laid my level from the top of the left side map trim to the top of the right side trim piece. I shot a nail close to the corner and the middle. Then I framed the rest in the same manner as the first frame. Checking with my level periodically to make sure both sides line up perfectly.

Next I move to the top left map. I start on the bottom piece. Make sure it’s over lapping the map by 1/4 inch on bottom and sides. Then check to make sure it also lines up with the bottom maps trim. Use level to make sure its level then shoot a nail in the middle. Repeat the framing process on the other sides. 

Move to last piece start with bottom trim piece again. Make sure it’s overlapping by 1/4 inch. Check to make sure it lines up with the left side map and the bottom map. Then check with level and nail. Repeat framing on the rest of the pieces. Checking for level and matching the other maps! 

Take your time only nail 1 or 2 nails at a time so you can manipulate the trim pieces. Because they are so small, they warp really easy. I also checked for level in the middle and each side of each piece because my trim pieces were not perfectly straight. 


Frames After


You can do it too! Make something quick and easy and don’t forget to enjoy the process! Soak in all the memories and embrace the imperfect! Thanks for checking out my new projects! Did you catch this one? PVC Pipe Playpen

pvc playpen

If you have any questions or ideas send me a message on instagram or leave a comment below! I hope we’ve inspired you! Please post or send pics of your finished projects! And don’t forget to pin to your Pinterest boards for later!!




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DIY Window Upgrade on a Budget

Farmhouse Window Trim

You ever have a project you just can’t seem to finish?

That was these windows for me! It was suppose to be a one day project during my sons usual 2 hour nap. 1st day he only slept 30mins so I didn’t get much done. 2nd day he would not sleep at all! 3rd day he fell right asleep but woke up in 15 minutes to poop! So after changing his poopy diaper he would not go back to sleep. Needless to say I didn’t get anything done. Finally the forth day I got it finished!



Finish nailer (you could probably screw them in but you would have to do a lot of filling)

Finish Nails

Miter saw



Tape measurer


Square (for marking a straight line)



Paint brush/roller

Cut list for window  

(this is for my window measurements = Bottom 35.5”-Right 37.625”-Left 37.5”-Top 35.875,” Adjust accordingly)

1 – 1x6x8

42 1/2″

42 7/8″

2 – 1x4x8

36 7/8″

36 3/4″

42 1/2″

44 7/8″

1 – 1x2x8

43 7/8″

42 7/8″



  1. Remove existing ledge. I used a pry bar, box knife (to cut existing caulk) and a hammer. Loosened it up and wiggled it out!
  2. Pull up caulk or other things that make the new piece not fit good. 
  3. Measure out your window on all 4 sides (especially old houses). Bottom 35.5”-Right 37.625”-Left 37.5”-Top 35.875”
  4. Start with the window seal piece. Measure bottom of window then add 7” to account for the two 1x4s on the sides. 42.5”
  5. Measure how far in the 1×6 will go. 4.5”
  6. Cut you 1×6 to length. 42.5”
  7. Next mark on each side how far in the 1×6 will go and then mark a 3.5” line from the side to make the square your going to cut out.  (Picture)bottom of window
  8. Cut out you squares on the 1×6
  9. Cut your 1×4 to the same length 42.5”
  10. Fit your 1×6 onto the ledge and secure with the finish nailer
  11. I used a clamp to hold the 1×4 under the 1×6 then nailed it
  12. Next measure the two sides from the top of the 1×6 to the top of the window opening. L. 36.875” R. 36.75”
  13. Cut your two pieces of 1×4
  14. Line up to the sides of the window and on top of the 1×6
  15. Nail in place
  16. Measure from the top of the outside corners of the 1x4s 42.875”top of window
  17. Cut your 1×2 and 1×6 to length
  18. Add 1 inch then cut another 1×2 piece 43.875”
  19. Add another inch and cut a 1×4 piece 44.875”
  20. Space the 1×2 where there is a half inch overhang on both sides
  21. Then do the same with the 1×4
  22. Drill holes along the top bottom edge and screw the 1×6, the 1×2, and the 1×4 together ( TIP – clamps are your friend, just make sure they are all lined up before you screw together, and try not to let the screws go through the faces, drill a longer hole if you need to) img_1074
  23. Place the 1×2 on top of the 1x4s and nails into wall and into the 1x4s 
  24. Next put your 1×6,1×2, and 1×4 on the 1×2 and nail into wall
  25. Optional I had a big gap between the window and the 1×6 so instead of caulking the crap out of it I put a piece of quarter round and nailed it to the 1×6   35.5”
  26. Caulk all seems and nail holes. Wipe smooth with a wet towel
  27. Paint ( I used a white semi-gloss)



You can do it too! Upgrade something thats been bugging you and don’t forget to enjoy the process! Like my friend Erin at thediynuts.com. She made an awesome ombré hexagon wall! Check it out here!

Soak in all the memories and embrace the imperfect! Thanks for checking out my new projects! If you have any questions or ideas send me a message on instagram or leave a comment below! I hope we’ve inspired you! Please post or send pics of your finished projects! And don’t forget to pin to your Pinterest boards for later!!


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11 DIY Wood Projects for 2019

My Top 11 DIY Project Goals 


1. Barn doors for the hall closet and the laundry room.


2. Table for our coffee station and all my collectibles in the kitchen (cutting boards and rolling pins)

I want it to be a mixture of these two. I want shelves for my metal baskets but a big drawer to hide the coffee overload.

3. Kids coat hanger

My kid has more coats than my husband and me combined!

4. Kitchen storage that rolls out

5.Built-ins for playroom

I need something for the tv, crafts, toys, shoes, and more coat storage!

6. Air return cover

We are currently putting an old mantle around it and I can’t stand how hideous the grate is! It takes away the beauty of the mantle. I think I’m dreading this project the most. It seems very tedious.

7. Laundry sorter

8. Kids farmhouse table and bench

9. Porch swing

10. A kid’s tower for two littles

My son uses the one I made last year every day but he’s getting tall. I want to make one that adjusts for two kids heights.

11. I have my Mamaw’s old tator bin like this one. I want to revamp it a little to match our kitchen. Then my son can use it as his play kitchen.

I didn’t make a project for each month because I figured I would take a month off when I had this sweet baby.

You can do it too! Start making things for yourself and don’t forget to enjoy the process! Soak in all the memories and embrace the imperfect! Thanks for checking out my new projects for this year! I am currently learning a new program to start drawing up my own plans! If you have any questions or ideas send me a message or comment below! I hope we’ve inspired you! Please post or send pics of your finished projects! And don’t forget to pin to your Pinterest boards for later!!

Make Something Special

These are some DIY projects we completed over the holidays.



Refinishing a Rocking Horse and a Dresser



This dresser is special to me because my mom and I picked it out at a flea market years ago in hopes of redoing it to sell. Then I fell in love with it but didn’t know exactly what to do with it. Then life got busy. So this Christmas I decided we need more toy storage especially with another baby coming. So I found a new home for this jewel and decided to finish it.

The dresser had a door over the shelves. So I took it off and put pallet wood where the old shelves were. 




We bought this rocking horse for my son last Christmas at the 127 yard sale in Crossville. I didn’t get around to redoing it before Christmas last year so I finished it this year! It was a hit! It’s the first thing my son goes to every morning screaming, “Neigh, Neigh!”

The rocking horse had googly eyes that I pried off but I didn’t change much about it. 

 I forgot to take a before picture because I’ve had these 2 pieces for years. I thought I had some hidden away somewhere but I can’t find them. Sorry.


Refinishing process on both:

  1. Sand

  2. Crackle paint

  3. Paint white (repeat 1st 3 steps until you like the results)

  4. Final Sand 

  5. Wax



These were very dear, close to my heart Christmas presents we worked on for the grandparents. My mom and mother in law both say every time they see a cardinal “there’s Mamaw”. Plus it was so much fun watching Witt get into painting this year. I was so proud!




  1. I put dots of grays whites and blues and let Witt smear them around

  2. Then I went back and just smoothed them out before it started drying

  3. Dry

  4. Painted his hand with red and stamped it on the canvas

  5. Dry

  6. Then I painted the branch on and the face details

  7. Dry

  8. Then use a fanned out brush dipped in white, cream, and very light gray to dab the snow on the branches

  9. Dry

  10. I cut out the saying “cardinals appear when angels are near” in vinyl on my silhouette then stuck it on but you could paint or write it on with a sharpie. 




  1. I used plywood that I cut to size with a table saw

  2. Then I found a sheet of “paneling” at Lowe’s I liked even better. So I also cut it to the same size as the plywood and glued them together

  3. Next I cut 2x4s in half and cut the rounded edges off with the table saw

  4. Stained

  5. Then nailed to the plywood and each other with a pin nailer

  6. Next I used my silhouette to cut out sayings or dates in vinyl

  7. Stuck them to the paneling

  8. Then I put a coat of modge podge over the top




I just painted the plywood white on a few instead of using the paneling and I painted the red baseball laces on there too. 

You can do it too! Make something special and don’t forget to enjoy the process! Soak in all the memories and embrace the imperfect! Thanks for checking out my new projects! If you have any questions or ideas send me a message! I hope we’ve inspired you! Please post or send pics of your finished projects! And don’t forget to pin to your Pinterest boards for later!! 

Last Minute Homemade Gifts


Every year I think, “ I’m going to make everyone homemade gifts this year!”  Then one week before Christmas I’m struggling to finish up or start projects! 


Footprint Ornaments


blog post 6

My first project here is very simple, easy, and fast! Also a great tradition to start with your lil babies! We made 5 this year and 8 last year. Great for last minute gifts! You can make them more rustic chic or very kid friendly! 

You’ll need:

  1. Paint – green, red, orange, yellow, brown, white, and cream
  2. Paint brushes
  3. Water for rinsing
  4. Baby wipes for easy, fast clean up
  5. Puppy dog pads (if you have some) or trash bags, etc to keep your floor/ table dry and clean
  6. High chair or bumbo seat – keeps lil feet still 
  7. Wood pieces – you can use blocks, rectangles, or more fancy ones
  8. String for hanging
  9. Drill for making a small hole to hang
  10. String, poof balls, yarn, twigs, hot glue or anything to be more creative – we didn’t use any of this this year but we did last year


  1. Paint, stain or leave your wood pieces natural
  2. Paint lil feet and press the wood onto them
  3. Let dry
  4. Add faces, decorations, hats, antlers, berries, etc. with paint
  5. Let dry
  6. Add embellishments like twigs for snowman arms or matted string for deer tail with hot glue
  7. Drill one or two holes in the top 
  8. Add string to holes and tie 

Ta-Da DONE! 

Christmas Tree Sconce / Picture Frame


My next project takes a little more time but still very easy and doable. I followed 

Angela Marie Made

plans and she does a great job of explaining and doing the math for us! 


I decided to add a picture clip on the back with hot glue so you could use it as a picture frame or sconce. I also added rubber circles to the bottom so it wouldn’t slide around. If it’s not perfectly flat it keeps it from wanting to tilt (Which happened to a couple of mine.) I used pocket holes on the bottom of some just to add more strength incase they wanted to hang them. 

The funnest part to me is the staining and painting. I stained them all with different stains. Then went back and dry brushed some with white and some with green. Let them dry and sanded the crap out of them. On the lighter ones I used a dark wax to make the crevasses stand out more. They all turned out great. Not one is the same. I think the dark stain with the white paint is my favorite. It looks like old barn wood. 


Reindeer Feed Onesie


Last I did these onesies for my son and his lil girlfriend. We both have farms and farm names. So I made a silhouette cut diagram. Cut it out on vinyl that I never use and laid it on the onesies (prewashed and dried with no softener.) I used black fabric paint and a makeup sponge to stencil it on. Let it dry 48 hours. Added another coat. Took the vinyl off let it dry for 72 hours. Then washed it! 

You can do it! Get those last minute special gifts done and don’t forget to enjoy the process! Soak in all the memories and embrace the imperfect! Thanks for checking out my new projects! If you have any questions or ideas to make it even better send me a message! I hope we’ve inspired you! Please post or send pics of your finished projects! And don’t forget to pin to your Pinterest boards!! ❤️

Farm Friday— Farm Stands Part 2

Farm Stand

Why we need a farm stand! MAIN REASON— We have an abundance of eggs! We can only eat so many. We also have lambs and sometimes pigs to sell. It would also be nice to sell/give away some of our vegetables and jams.

We could also leave some information on the stand like, when the lambs will be processed, pricing, what we feed our animals, and some nutritional information on our products.

Animal Pinterest Board

Having a stand at our house would be very convenient! We have a lot of traffic on our road.

We don’t always have enough stuff to justify selling at a farmers market though. We would spend more money in fees than we would make. Plus lugging a baby to the market and watching him would be tough. Having it at the house, with a sign saying “fresh eggs” will also keep me accountable. I can’t let my neighbors down! Not going to the farmers market— who cares!