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Plan on making a dining table similar.

The 2018 Early American Industries Association Annual Meeting is in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, this year, and after a blue-sky day of visiting the Moravian Museum and sites, the Kemerer Museum and Bethlehem Steel, this evening we met up at the National Museum of Industrial History for ice cream and a private tour. (The museum is in […]

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MAKER MONDAY— Creating an Easy Summer Color Palette! — Cotton Stem

Hey pals! Thought it would be fun to show y’all the super duper simple way I formulate a color palette for a room I’m designing or redoing, and maybe this simple trick can assist ya as you create beautiful spaces in your own home! All you need is to identify your base/existing colors, add pop…

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FARM FRIDAY — The Second Year on a Homestead: Homesteading Goals —

The Second Year on a Homestead: Homesteading Goals I wrote a post a while back about “The First Year on a Homestead” and I’ve been meaning to follow that up with a “Second Year on a Homestead” but it seems I’m about 7 months late! Although we’re halfway into our third year now, I want…

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SUNADY FUNDAY — Red, White & Blue Swirl Soap with Natural Colorants — The Nerdy Farm Wife

This red, white & blue swirl soap is naturally colored with botanicals and clays, and scented with a blend of essential oils. Credit for the design inspiration goes to Kapia Mera Soap Company (see their lovely soap video HERE), only instead of cutting a thin layer to use for rimmed soap, I cut a thin layer…

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Farm Friday— Farm Stands Part 2

Farm Stand

Why we need a farm stand! MAIN REASON— We have an abundance of eggs! We can only eat so many. We also have lambs and sometimes pigs to sell. It would also be nice to sell/give away some of our vegetables and jams.

We could also leave some information on the stand like, when the lambs will be processed, pricing, what we feed our animals, and some nutritional information on our products.

Animal Pinterest Board

Having a stand at our house would be very convenient! We have a lot of traffic on our road.

We don’t always have enough stuff to justify selling at a farmers market though. We would spend more money in fees than we would make. Plus lugging a baby to the market and watching him would be tough. Having it at the house, with a sign saying “fresh eggs” will also keep me accountable. I can’t let my neighbors down! Not going to the farmers market— who cares!