About me

Hi y’all! Welcome to Emory Farm. Where I share my journey of DIY/ woodworking projects, crafts, and mommin’. I hope my lil site is a helpful resource to you. ❤️

So here’s a little about me. I am a born and raised Tennessean. Started dating my husband when I was a senior in high school. We got married 8 years later in Hawaii! Then we bought a farm on the Emory River. (Hints the name) I was a hair stylist for 10 years. Then I became a mom.

No one can prepare you for how much anxiety and joy comes with motherhood! I decided to stay home with my sweet boy to soak it all up! It has been the most wonderful blessing, but I did go through a bit of identity crisis.

I went to therapy for awhile and was diagnosed with PTSD and postpartum anxiety. Therapy was the best thing I could have done for myself. She gave me a lot of ideas to cope with what I was going through like; mindfulness, distraction, and structured problem solving.

I have always been really creative and hands on. So my therapist and I decided it was a great idea to start doing more DIY projects. It was almost like a type of therapy itself. It grounded me enough to be in the present, it distracted me from a lot of my worries, and it’s all about problem solving! After feeling a lot better, I decided to start this blog as a way to stay accountable and help others.

My new goal is to inspire and help others suffering from the same things I went through. I have big dreams for this quest!

Thanks for following along. Please browse around the site! I hope we can inspire you to be creative and join this amazing community! 


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