Starting Over

New House

We moved! Not far from where we were, about an hour. My husband got a new job so we got a new location, a new house, a new farm, a new baby on the way, and a new dream.

Feeding pigs

We have 17 acres. A lot of woods but relatively flat, with some land cleared. We brought our pigs with us but my father in law is “babysitting” our chickens. Our pigs are slowly helping us till/ clear some land and spread mulch, which we desperately need with all the clay soil.

Our old house had pretty decent soil as soon as we moved in. We still worked it for years and when we moved, it was pure black gold. (We also left our new owners a lot of stuff in the gardens. I hope they enjoyed it.) This clay soil is going to be a new challenge for us to deal with, especially with our new plans.

Our plan this year, lord help us, is to have 2 garden plots 25’x50’ with veggies and flowers. LOTS OF FLOWERS! Also to plant as many berries as we can with our time and budget. Did I mention I’m pregnant? So we’ll see, I’m not sure if I’m nesting with unrealistic garden dreams or if we can get it all situated before the baby comes. (Fingers crossed)

Our weekly Tractor Supply run