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Donny Carter is a YouTuber and a podcaster at

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“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

Donny lives in the Mississippi Gulf and is a CNC user by day and a passionate wood turner by night. He wears many hats (builder, maker, artist, DIYer, podcaster, Etsy store owner, website designer, and content creator) and juggles everything with a great attitude. In this interview he touches on how he does it all. You can tell he is a genuine, honest, hustler and a very enthusiastic teacher.

Here is a list of some of the questions I sent Donny and after I had it all transcribed I decided reading it doesn’t do Donny any justice. His gift is conversation. So please listen to our unedited audio conversation to see how wonderful this feller is!

  • How did you get into podcasting? 
    • It was kind of selfish honestly. I wanted to chat with more well know woodworkers and makers.
  • What’s the basic equipment you need for podcasting? 
    • All you really need these days is Skype. It has a built in recorder. A pair of earbuds or headphones is also a must.
  • How did you get into Woodworking?
    • I’ve always been into making and building things since I was a kid. As I got older I started fixing up my home and building things I needed.

  • Where do you get inspiration? 
    • I get inspired from all those around me. Those on social media and in my daily life. I try to find something cool about everything I see.
  • What tools do you recommend buying first when your just starting out? 
    • It really depends on what you want to make or do.

Where to find Mr. Donny Carter – Instagram, Facebook, YouTube,,, maker minded instagram

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Tools mentioned –

Festool domino

Dowel Master

Shapeoko CNC


outboard stand

outboard tool

v carve – metrics

carve pro

Thanks for following my journey into DIY and woodworking! Having a newborn and a two year old has been harder than I thought, so my posts are going to be more sporadic for awhile. Thanks for your support and patience!