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DIY Floating Shelves and Skillet Rack

Need more storage in your kitchen? Especially for pans?


We use our cast iron skillets everyday and they are so heavy to get in and out of the cabinets. So I came up with this idea to hang them where everyone can reach. I also wanted some storage above so we added these inexpensive, easy floating shelves









3” wood screws

1 1/4” nails

Wood glue

Square head nails




Miter saw

Table saw


Kreg jig


Nail gun

Tape measurer,straight edge, pencil, safety gear



shelf cut list.jpg



Make the frame. Join with pocket holes and screw from the opposite side straight in for extra strength.



floating shelf frame.png



Attach the frame to the wall with 3” wood screws 2 per, each stud 

I nailed the top and bottom pieces on first then the sides

Then the front piece


floating shelf with sides.png

floating shelf finished.png