Farm Friday — What It’s Really Like

What it’s really like on the farm…

We haven’t made a ton of lambing pens yet. We have 2 places that we put them last year. This year we’ve already had two babies so they were full. We decided to put the rest of the mamas in the big field with a tarp hut. So they could have lots of fresh grass. Our seeding on the main field did not take good so it’s kinda sparse.

Tarped Hut

  We knew they were close but on Tuesday Dolly, who is a first time mom, decided to have twins in the middle of the field on the rainiest day of the year. We went out there as soon as we saw her finish.

   They were soaking wet but they felt warm. She was nursing the little girl really well but she kept bucking the little boy away. Then the little girl started shivering. They wouldn’t go into the hut so I started to worry.

To get them to the lambing pen you have to go out the mesh electric fence, while not letting the others out. Then cross the road, which is semi busy to be in the middle of nowhere. Then go into the other fence and not let the others out. Finally go across the main field to the barn.

  So that’s what we did. I had a baby on my back in a carrier. The two lambs under each arm with the afterbirth wrapped around the boy to get the Mom to take him. My husband had the mom in a collar/muzzle thing dragging her the whole way. Finally made it and the (LGD) puppies were in the pen, which scared the mom. So I grabbed the puppies up too! I had 2 baby lambs under my arms 2 puppies in my hands and a 1 year old baby on my back.

   Finally got the lambs in. Then my husband got the mom in. She started nursing the boy better after they were in the lambing pen, but then later on she stopped again. So I bottle fed him once. After that he started nursing again and he nursed forever! I felt sorry for the little guy. I think she’s finally starting to take him.

Here are some things we had on hand that made this mess a little easier

  1. Halter —  Weaver Leather Livestock Nylon Adjustable Sheep Halter with Chain Lead
  2. Bottle/Nipples — Lixit Animal Care Lixit Farm Baby Bottle, 1 quart
  3. Milk replacer —Manna Pro Lamb Milk Replacer, 3.5 lb


Maker Monday— Chicken/Duck Coop

This chicken/duck coop will house our new workers in the garden this year!

I use a plethora of methods in my garden. We took a permaculture class last year in Asheville so I try to center it around that. Some things that hinder the garden:

1. Critters including our dogs who like to Pee on everything
2. Sun (lack of)
3. Weeds
4. Water
5. Bugs/slugs/snails

So We built a fence around our kitchen garden this winter from 2x4s and goat fencing. Mostly to keep our dogs out and now to keep our fowl in. We are also going to put a hot wire around our raised beds, which are not as close to the house or build a similar fence for them.

Our house is on a north facing slope which makes sunlight difficult. So we just have to pick the best spots for what we want to grow. The hard part is keeping them as close to the house as I would like. Our yard is so shady.

We laid clear plastic over the entire garden until the heat burnt all the grass and weeds. Then we laid cardboard over that. Then we put a layer of manure. Then a layer of mulch on the very top.

We also have a rain barrel in the garden that catches water from our roof. There’s also a spigot close by if we need it. We also put in a water line and a spigot next to our raised beds for easy watering.

Ok bugs! I have read a lot about fowl in the garden and we have all kinds of birds. So this year I’m going to put them to work. After we put the manure down we are going to dump a pile of mulch and let the chickens spread it while eating the bug larvae and some weeds. Then we will remove them and start planting. Once the plants are mature enough we will put the ducks in to help cut back on the snail/slug population and eat some weeds as well. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Drawer Dividers

Anyone else in the mood for spring cleaning?

I have been reading all these blogs on organizing and decluttering. I also love Gretchen Rubin and listen to her podcast nightly!

It’s so hard with a baby to keep things clean and organized. I see all these pictures of spotless homes. How do they do that? Specially with kids.

So I decided I would tackle small projects at a time. Things I can work on during nap time.

There are two drawers in my kitchen that drive me crazy. Junk drawers and I have two of them!
So I emptied them out. I threw Away a bunch of junk. Then I grouped like things together and decided where I wanted them to go. That’s how this project got started.

I ended up organizing my knife drawer, my silverware drawer and one junk drawer but my husband talked me into leaving one junk drawer for him. I hate it but you have to pick your battles right?

Other great resources for drawer dividers…

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Ginger Bug

I love soda! Do you love soda? I just love a cold, flavorful carbonated drink! I grew up drinking soda but they are so bad for you.

I always try not to drink it, but once I have one I can’t stop. Now that I have Witten it’s even more important to me not to drink them. You teach by example right?

Did you know that….

1 can of soda has the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar!!

Soda can have a pH level as low as 2.5 (battery acid has a pH of 1)

Brominated vegetable oil (BVO) is added to many citrus based sodas. BVO is patented by chemical companies as a flame retardant. It is also banned in over 100 countries, not here?

So with all that information I decided to make a ginger bug and make our own sodas that are actually good for you!

A ginger bug is a culture of beneficial bacteria made from fresh ginger root and sugar. The good bacteria and wild yeasts in the ginger eat the sugar in the mixture. As it ferments they release CO2. When the fermented ginger bug is added to fruit juice, the microorganisms begin to eat the sugar in the juice, making a healthy homemade fizzy soda full of probiotics!

Things you’ll need

12 Ball Mason Jar with Lid – Regular Mouth – 16 oz by Jarden

“Coffee Filters, 10/12-Cup Size, 100/Pack”

Organic Cane Sugar (3 lbs) by Anthony’s, Gluten-Free & Non-GMO

Fresh Organic Ginger (16 Ounces)

Filtered water     Travel Berkey with Two 7″ White Ceramic Filters

Rubber band

Your choice of fruit juice  Santa Cruz Organic Strawberry Lemonade, 32 Fl Oz

Chef’s Star CASE OF 6 – 16 oz. EASY CAP Beer Bottles – CLEAR

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Oh Sweet Baby!

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PVC Pipe Playpen

This has been a life saver! A back saver for sure!! 

Things I would change or do different.

  • I ended up putting all the side small pieces back on after I looped the net around the teeth. 
  • My husband put a small screw on the back side where the fittings are. Nice and flush so he can’t grasp it. You could also glue them, but I wanted to be able to take them apart. 

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Pvc pipe

Corner Fitting

Middle Fitting



 Pipe Cutter

These are newer than mine (mine sucked)